About Travalco

Travalco is a full-range B2B inbound operator headquartered in Miami, Florida, offering fine-tuned travel programs and packages for destinations across North America and the Caribbean. Although having cultivated a notable expertise since our founding in 1985, we perpetually acclimate to the ever-evolving individual leisure and group travel marketplaces.

Our mission is to deliver unique and memorable travel experiences for visitors to North America and the Caribbean by providing international trade-only travel companies with custom tailored products and packages inspired by traveler preferences.

A highly motivated and talented team of educated professionals daily endeavors to carry out the mission of both Travalco and our clients. Continuously building and maintaining business relations, we’ve been a trustworthy partner of numerous leading tour operators and wholesalers around the world for over three decades.

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“At Travalco we carry out a mission, driven by a pattern of core values; quality, dedication, trust and personal service. We are proud to have been delivering memorable travel experiences for visitors to North America and the Caribbean for over 30 years and established growth by adapting to an ever-changing market”






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At Travalco we have a relentless determination to maintain and improve hands-on relationships with our clients, sharing our expertise as we continue to expand and ensure a fluent long-term partnership.

      One-on-One Consulting
      Our industry expertise and best practice knowledge is at your disposal 24/7.

      We will work with your staff to install and configure Travalco’s products.

      Training and Support
      We provide the training and documentation required to use our applications to the fullest extent through online support, tutorials and webinars.

      We can integrate our solutions to work with your existing software.

      Best Price
      Dynamic inventory and rates in conjunction with our core static product to ensure best pricing and availability possible.


Travalco chooses to be exclusive a B2B company. We do not engage in direct to consumer or retail channel activities. Our selective standards enable the company to enjoy partnerships with leading tour operators and wholesalers from 56 countries across all continents as well as having access to accommodation product and pricing that is restricted to tour operators only.


TravelNet is the central platform where the entire user system is based. The most important part is the Reservation System where our clients have full access to our wide array of products. In TravelNet, booking an accommodation, experience or package is only the click of a button away. Next to the Reservation System, on the central page you can find the latest news and updates, product information, a full support section, contact opportunities and Travel Inspiration.

XML Technology

Travalco has several solutions for access to our product; next to our classic Citrix based solution Reservation System we also have a full web version with a user-friendly interface which was developed based on feedback from client focus groups. Both versions can be used next to each other and enables your staff to benefit from the advantage of direct access to availability and instant confirmations of our product inventory. The features of the system are constantly enhanced to sustain the demands of the ever-changing marketplace.

Our core systems are housed in an off-site enterprise class data center with multiple redundant backbones and 24/7 managed services to maintain the highest possible availability.

A completely renewed core reservation system is in place which will enable us to feature a substantial enhancement in the capability to offer dynamic inventory and rates in conjunction with our core static product to ensure best pricing and availability possible. 

Classic XML API: The current Travalco XML API is an ideal tool for those companies that have the desire to connect their booking engine seamlessly with the Travalco inventory. The complete booking process is handled through a secure XML interface offering 24/7 availability to rates, bookings, and cancellations of our accommodation product. Very elaborate static information and cached data is available for those companies that require these features.   

An additional New XML API will have substantially enhanced capabilities and will allow Searching, booking, changing, requesting and validation of all our product that is bookable already through the web interface.


2017 TM Travel Awards: Best DMC WorldwideTM Travel awards

On November 10, 2017, Travel Magazine held their 20th annual Travel Awards in Antwerp where they honored top hospitality providers who have highly contributed to the Belgian market in their respective fields the past year. Based on the online voting behavior by more than 700 travel professionals, Travalco was elected the Best Destination Management Company (DMC) Worldwide.

“We are honored to have been chosen ‘Best DMC Worldwide’ by Travel Magazine and the BelgianTravel Trade during the Travel Awards 2017,” said Travalco President Peter Van Berkel. “Since 1985, Travalco has taken pride in adapting to the challenges of our changing environment and this recognition reflects the constant effort that our team dedicates to delivering exceptional products for our partners. This appreciation inspires us to keep improving every day.”